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May 2011

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Our featured online bead store for this month is
Ayla's Originals International Bead Bazaar

Once upon a dreary, confining Illinois winter, Ayla found herself at a crossroads in her life; she was bored with her career, recovering from a divorce. She wandered into a store and selected two art kits to occupy her weekend: one for pottery and one for jewelry making. At home, she randomly chose to try the beading kit first and immediately fell in love. On her lunch hour on Monday, she discovered her first bead store. The pottery kit never found its way out of the box.

In 1996, the bead shop where she had been purchasing her supplies closed. She thought, "How cool would it be to play with beads all day?" and decided to take a big chance and quit her job as Human Resources Director. Within months of its closing, she reopened the shop as Ayla's Originals. The store is a treasure trove of only the best beads: pearls, gemstones, pendants, glass, crystal, and findings for scores of bead lovers.

Creating her own jewelry line, Ayla's Own, revealed an artistry that Ayla never knew she possessed. Her love of beads grows every year as she discovers even more shapes, colors and techniques to express her art. Her jewelry has been featured in Chicago's world-class Field Museum in conjunction with the special exhibit Pearls, numerous boutiques throughout the country, and has designed jewelry worn onstage at the prestigious Northlight Theater.

She also had a store on the big island of Hawaii for five years. And now, 2011, Ayla's Originals International Bead Bazaar in Evanston, IL is celebrating its 15th year Anniversary.

Ayla's Originals International Bead Bazaar
1511 Sherman Ave
Evanston, IL 60201
Phone Orders: 847-328-4040

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