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Bead Work
Learn about crimping, knotting and
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Wire Work
Learn all about WigJigs, knitting spools and wire techniques.
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Learn about Moh's Hardness Scale, what gemstone attributes are valuable and more.
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Reference Materials
Metric conversion chart, bead sizes, length information, birthstone chart and more.
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Welcome to Soft Flex® Company's tips & tricks page! We’ve got the product info
and know-how to assist you with your beading creations. Learn to create a necklace, crimp, or how to wire-wrap your jewelry. Plus, find conversion charts for measurements, and information about gemstones, wire gauges, string and thread, and more.

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Free desktop wallpapers feature a calendar and free beading project ideas
Beading Wire Tips

Free printable design aides help you learn and organize with style
Craft Wire Tips
Free printable packaging designs such as earring tags, gift boxes and gift tags for you to use to pretty up your handmade gifts
Free printable paper goods such as deisgn recipes cards, to do lists and note cards
Reference Materials


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Make your own jewelry with Soft Flex® beading wire. Learn beading tips, get inspired with free beading projects and do your bead shopping all in one place! Browse useful charts and interesting beading articles, get answers to your jewelry-making questions and learn everything you ever wanted to know about gemstone beads.  Shop the best quality beading wire, crimps, clasps, beads and gemstones.

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