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Perfect for the dog lover! This adorable little dachshund will enhance any canine enthusiasts jewelry.

These Teeny Tiny Beads have been produced for over 10 years near the ancient city of Cusco, Peru by the Romero family business that has now expanded to employ over 40 people. The following is a description of the manufacturing process of the Teeny Tiny Beads, taken from an article in Bead And Button, April 2002. Bead production starts in the hands of the designers, who sculpt the original animal shapes in clay. Factory workers make production molds from the originals, then press soft clay into the molds to make multiple copies of each piece. To remove an animal from its mold, workers use a metal rod that also creates the hole in the bead. The beads are bisque-fired (a relatively low temperature process) in the electric kilns that the Romeros built themselves, then partially glazed to give some areas of each animal a glossy finish. After another firing, artisans give the animals character and appeal with details added in matte-finish paints. Several thousand beads are produced in each batch, which takes about three days to complete.

Warning: This product may contain lead and is not intended for sale or use by children 12 years of age or younger.

A bit of bling or a bit of blush. Don't use bland beading wire when you can make your designs blast off in color. Regular beading wire is great for neutral pieces, but color will make your designs live and breathe.

Shop for colorful Soft Flex Wire.

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