Christmas Tree Ornament
Designer Sara Oehler


18ga Peridot Soft Flex Craft Wire
8/0 Seed Bead - approx. 22 beads


Olympus-Lite WigJig
Olympus Super Pegs
Nylon Jaw Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Nylon Tipped Hammer


Step 1:
When using a WigJig, you will make your first loop with your round nose pliers. Place the loop on the small metal peg. Guide the wire around the larger pegs in an "S" shape as you spin the WigJig. When you turn the jig and guide the wire, the jig will make lovely and fluid lines that can be repeated time and time again.

Step 2: Don't forget the importance of work hardening a design after you pop it off of the WigJig. Work hardening your wire actually changes the molecular structure inside the wire. It is the process of manipulating the wire to lock in the design and stiffen the wire so that your design will stay in place. This is a little trickier when there are beads to avoid. Thankfully in this design, I was able to let the beads fall to one side and pound on the other. Also, I straightened the wire with the nylon jaw pliers each time I made a turn on the WigJig. This offered straighter lines and extra work hardening.

Step 3: Finally, I used the ornament hook pattern from Monday to make a matching hanger in the peridot colored craft wire. Find directions for creating an ornament hanger here.

Projects not intended for children under the age of 13. The information on this instruction sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Soft Flex® Company disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions.