Tranquility Earrings
Designer Jamie Hogsett

Skill Level Beginner


Trios Tranquility (Tanzanite, Lapis, Blue Topaz)
3mm x 3mm Soft Flex Sterling Silver Seamless Crimp Tubes - 2 pcs
Sterling Silver Ear Wires - 1 pair
5x7mm Blue Kyanite Barrels - 4 pcs
10x12mm Lapis Rectangles - 2 pcs


Mighty Crimper


Step 1: Cut 6" each of Tanzanite, Lapis, and Blue Topaz wires.

Step 2: Use the Tanzanite wire to string 1 Kyanite barrel. Use the Lapis wire to string 1 Lapis rectangle. Use the Blue Topaz wire to string 1 Kyanite barrel.

Step 3: Use all three wires to string 1 crimp tube. Place the tube at the very ends of one end of the wires. Use the other end to pass back through the tube, forming a large ring of wire, then pass back through the tube again, forming a small ring above the large ring. Crimp the tube.

Step 4: Attach 1 ear wire to the small, top ring.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for the second earring.

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