Brilliant Bracelet
Designer Sara Oehler

Skill Level Beginner


Soft Flex Wire .019 Diameter - 18 inches
Soft Touch Wire .010 Diameter - 25 inches
3mm x 4mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 1 pc
2mm x 2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 1 pc
Button - 1 pc
4mm Fire Polished Beads - about 80 pcs


Mighty Crimping Pliers
Soft Flex Flush Cutters
Crimping Pliers
Bead Stoppers


Step 1: Select the button first, as this is the focal point of the bracelet. Then, choose a complimentary 4mm bead and Soft Flex Wire color.

Step 2: Use Soft Flex Flush Cutters to cut 18 inches of .019/ Medium wire.

Step 3: String 20 Fire Polished beads, or however many are needed to fit around the button.

Step 4: Use both ends of wire to string the 2mm x 2mm crimp tube. Center the beads on the wire and push the tube up the wires to snug the beads. Use the .019 Magical Crimping pliers to secure the crimp tube, leaving two wires of equal length.

Step 5: Use one strand of wire to string 30 Fire Polished beads. Repeat with the other strand of wire. Use a bead stopper to clip the very end of the 2 wires together, allowing the beads to slide back and forth on the excess wire.

Step 6: Use Soft Flex Flush Cutters to cut 25 inches of .010/ Very Fine wire. Use one end of wire to pass through one of the Fire Polished beads next to the crimp tube, making sure to string the wire away from the crimp tube. Use the other end of wire to pass through the other bead next to the crimp tube, stringing away from the tube. Pull both ends of wire so that the very center of the wire is next to the crimp tube.

Step 7: Cross the wire ends and string the next beads strung, making sure to alternate wire ends. Push the beads down and pull the .010/ Very fine weave tight. Continue down the entire length of the bracelet, crossing and weaving the wires back and forth through each bead.

Step 8: Remove the bead stopper. Use both strands of .019/ Medium wire and both strands of .010/ Very fine wire to string the 3mm x 4mm crimp tube and the shank of the button. Pass back through the crimp tube and use Mighty Crimping Pliers to secure the crimp tube. Use Soft Flex Flush Cutters to cut off excess wire.

Projects not intended for children under the age of 13. The information on this instruction sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Soft Flex® Company disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions.