Cold as Ice
Designer Jamie Hogsett

Skill Level Beginner


20 gauge Blue Soft Flex Craft Wire
Dark Blue Lapis Soft Flex Wire .019 diameter
8mm Silver Plated Trailer Hitch Clasp from Beadin' Path - 1 set
2x2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 4 pcs
3mm Sterling Silver Crimp Covers - 4 pcs
10mm x 13mm Clear Quartz Polished Nugget Beads - 9 pcs
6mm x 4mm Blue/Gray Czech Fire-Polished Rondelles - 60 pcs


Crimping Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Bead Stoppers


Finished Size: 7"

Step 1:
Use 3" of 20 gauge Craft Wire to form a wire-wrapped loop. String 1 nugget and form a wire wrapped loop. Repeat for a total of nine links.

Step 2: Cut two 10" pieces of the Soft Flex .019 diameter wire.

Step 3: Use 1 wire to string 1 crimp tube and one half of the clasp. Pass back through the crimp tube and crimp. Cover the tube with a crimp cover. String 1 crimp tube. Pass one end of the other wire through the tube. Adjust the tube so that it is just below the previous crimp tube. Crimp the tube and cover it with a crimp cover.

Step 4: Use 1 wire to string {3 rondelles and one loop of 1 link} nine times. String 3 rondelles. Place a Bead Stopper on the wire.

Step 5: Use the other wire to string 3 rondelles. Pass the wire through the other loop of the first link. Repeat entire step 8 times. String 3 rondelles.

Step 6: Remove the Bead Stopper. Use both wire ends to string 1 crimp tube. Snug the beads on the wire and adjust the crimp tube. Crimp the tube. Trim the shorter of the two wire ends. Use the other wire end to string 1 crimp tube and the other half of the clasp. Pass back through the tube and crimp. Cover the tube with a crimp cover.

Projects not intended for children under the age of 13. The information on this instruction sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Soft Flex® Company disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions.