Dragonfly Charm Bracelet
Designer Brenda Sherman
Skill Level Beginner


Satin Silver Soft Touch Wire .024 diameter -7"
2x2mm Sterling Silver Crimp Tubes - 2 pcs
Faceted Cherry Quartz Round Beads - 6 pcs
Large Faceted Round Jasper Bead - 1 pc
Small Faceted Red Jasper Drop Beads - 4 pcs
Small Round Goldstone Beads - 17 pcs
Bali Silver Cylinder Beads - 2 pcs
Silver Dragonfly Pendant - 1 pc
Bali Silver Square Bead Frame - 4 pcs
Small Sterling Silver Toggle - 1 set


Bent Chain Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers


Step 1: Cut approximately 7” of Soft Touch .024 wire from the spool. String one sterling silver crimp tube, then one side of your toggle, and then put the wire back through the crimp. Secure using crimping pliers. Cut off excess wire using Flush Cutters.

Step 2: String beads in the following order: 2 Round Goldstone Beads, 1 Bali Silver Cylinder, 2 Round Goldstone Beads, 1 Red Jasper Drop, and 1 Round Goldstone.

Step 3: Next, string wire through 1 Bali Silver Bead Frame. Bring wire through middle of bead frame using bent nose pliers. String 1 Round Cherry Quartz Bead, then put wire back through other side of Bead frame. The Cherry Quartz bead should then be in the middle of the bead frame, with the wire going through the middle.

Step 4: String 1 Round Goldstone, 1 Red Jasper Drop, and then 1 Round Goldstone.

Step 5: Repeat step 3.

Step 6: String wire through 1 Round Cherry Quartz, 1 Round Goldstone, 1 Large Round Red Jasper, 1 Round Goldstone, and 1 Cherry Quartz.

Step 7: Repeat steps 3 and 4 twice.

Step 8: String 1 Bali Silver Cylinder, 2 Round Goldstone Beads, 1 Silver Dragonfly, and 2 Round Goldstone.

Step 9: String 1 sterling silver crimp tube on wire, through the other end of the toggle, then back through the crimp. Pull the wire tight, but with enough slack for wire to move around using bent nose pliers. Secure crimp using crimping pliers. Cut off excess wire using Flush Cutters.

Projects not intended for children under the age of 13. The information on this instruction sheet is presented in good faith, but no warranty is given, nor results guaranteed. Soft Flex® Company disclaims all liability from any injury to anyone undertaking the construction of this project as a result of improper safety precautions.